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Labino AB is a world leading manufacturer of white and UV LED light products. Products span from large overhead lamps to handheld torches which meets industry requirements such as ASTM E3022, ISO 3059, Airbus AITM6-1001, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royces RRES 90061. For more detailed technical specifications, please visit our Labino page by clicking on the logo to the left.


We carry a full range of Waygate Technologies (a Baker Hughes Company) NDT equipment and consumables including AGFA (film & processing chemicals), Ultrasonic Testing (USM Series), Eddy Current Testing (Mentor Series), Digital/Computer Radiography, Hardness testers and also thickness gauges. Visit our Waygate Technologies product page by clicking on the the logo on the left for more information and technical specs!


Magnaflux is a provider of high quality NDT testing products and consumables in the area of penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection. As a Magnaflux authorized distributor for many years, we are proud of our knowledge of the product and we are certain we would be able to recommend the most suitable products to meet your requirements. For more information, kindly visit our Magnaflux page.


A leading manufacturer of industrial gamma radiography equipment and radioactive sources in the NDT industry, INC specialises in the encapsulation of Iridium-192 for a broad spectrum of industrial applications. We carry IR 100 gamma radiation projection devices and also INC IR-192 sources for multiple industry available cameras. Visit the INC product page by clicking on the INC logo to find out more!


TECHNOmark is a manufacturer of marking machines from France. We carry their marking machines based on the dot peen principle, the Multi 4. This model comes in many configurations and could be deployed in a bench setting or even used hand-held. For more information, kindly visit our TECHNOmark page.


Spectra Cine manufactures light meters for use in many industries including the NDT industry. We carry the Spectra Phorad Photometer which is designed for radiologists and radiographers for NDT/QA application. For more information on the Photometers we carry, please visit our Spectra Cine product page.

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